Branding and Corporate Identity Services in Berkshire

Corporate or brand identity is a great deal more than a skillfully designed logo or an appealing tagline. Actually, brand identities are opinions made in the minds of your customers. All of the interactions a consumer has with your business communicate a message and establish a standpoint regarding your brand name.

Your corporate identity is able to be shaped by customers approval of your brochure design and easiness of navigation on your website, but because perceptions develop from personal experience you are unable to define them. Nevertheless, you are able to influence them, and this is where 4front Design can help.

Consistancy in design can help to project your trade name as a steady and time-honoured business. Even in the event of you being a new business, by generating a strong visual image you’re able to provide your prospects with the sense that you are dedicated to quality and excellence.

By means of a strong and consistent identity, you are able to attach with your prospects psychologically, adding to the recall value of the brand. People ought to be able to bring to mind your brand name identity at the time that they’re set on making a purchase.

The identity or ‘image’ of a company is made up of many visual devices: A logo, company stationery, marketing collateral, products and packaging, apparel design and signage. 4front Design can assist you in all these areas, giving you a professional consistant image that customers will remember!

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