Website Design -

We were asked by Aqua Hot Tubs to design a landing page and micro-site to promote their new product range. They had just secured main dealer status for Carmenta Wellness Cabins, a range of top end sauna, steam, salt and ice cabins, the retail value of which was far higher than many of the other products appearing on their website

The new site needed to project a greater air of luxury and quality, so after discussion with Aqua Hot Tubs we decided to radically depart from the design of the main site. Using a black background promoted a quality boutique feel rather than a 'stack 'em high, sell 'em cheap' attitude.

An image slider on each product page enables a variety of images to be shown whilst the visitor is reading the page. The tabbed information display on each product page allows more information to appear on the page without confusing website visitors with reams of text, and the 'mega menu' style navigation allows users to easily find their way around the site.

Some SEO was carried out on-site to improve the ranking of the landing page and links were added to the home page of the Aqua Hot Tubs site to direct visitors to the new range.

Since designing this micro-site earlier in 2014 we have since been asked to redesign and tidy up the Aqua Hot Tubs Homepage

The Carmenta Sauna Suite site can be viewed HERE.

Customer Comments:

Thank You 4front Design. The new pages look fantastic! It's just what we need to promote the Wellness Cabins.

Again you have turned around the site ahead of schedule without compromising on the look of the site. We look forward to our continued reationship with you.

Sunny - Aqua Hot Tubs